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Six reasons why a job in construction is interesting


Construction is a fast-growing and versatile sector. However, there are many preconceptions about it. 
It is a physically demanding job with often dirty work where only men work. Is this true, or is this going just a little too far? Read here why a job in construction is interesting. 

1.    Job security
Construction is more than ever the engine of industry and a measure of the prosperity of our economy. A job in construction therefore gives you a high degree of job security. In these uncertain times, a job in construction guarantees you (financial) security.

2.    Weather conditions
In construction, you work in the healthy outdoors. You are also protected from extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold and rain and can count on compensation. Some products or constructions simply cannot be placed in freezing cold, rain or extreme heat.
All these working conditions are laid down with strong collective agreements in the construction industry.

3.    Earning well
In construction, you earn a good living. As a starter, without any experience, you will earn an average of €2683 per month, according to the Jobat Salary Compass. Thanks to the many opportunities for advancement and strong collective agreements, you can see your salary grow substantially. 

4.    No experience required
Construction is the sector par excellence where you can easily get started without experience or training, unlike other sectors. With many vacancies and a continuous search for motivated personnel, there is a good chance of getting hired even if you have no experience. Daily motivation and enthusiasm are usually more important here than experience or education. In addition, you work a lot in teams and learn fast every day.

5.    Good working hours
In construction, you usually work a fixed schedule. You start and end your day at a fixed time. This makes it easier to plan your daily life. Many other sectors use a variable working regime, working two or three shifts.

6.    Admiring your own constructions
In construction, you work from project to project. Which means you can admire your own constructions afterwards. Nothing gives you more satisfaction than being proud of what you have achieved. Because teamwork makes the dream work!

Convinced to (re)launch your career in construction? We would love to help you!
Discover vacancies in construction in your area.
Want to take your first steps in the 'stiel'. You can easily start a training course via  VDAB.

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