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Temporary employment now also allowed for the federal government!

January 14, 2019 is a new milestone for the temporary employment sector in Belgium. Because today the royal decree was published that makes temporary agency work possible in federal services. The K.B. becomes official force on 1 February 2019.

From 2019 onwards, the Federal Public Services can also call upon temporary workers.As in Flanders, federal government agencies can use temporary workers. In this way they can respond faster and offer a solution for acute or unforeseen replacements, sudden additional tasks or exceptional circumstances. At the federal level, this means a major change for government services plus all autonomous public companies such as Bpost, Proximus, ...

Herwig Muyldermans, General Manager at Federgon, calls this a historic breakthrough for the temporary employment sector. "The demand for the use of temporary agency work has been around for a long time with many government employers, who, just like any other organization, need quick and flexible access to the labor market, and this only benefits the Human Resources Management of the federal government," explains Herwig Muyldermans.

The Royal Decree of early January 2019 stipulates for which cases and which duration temporary agency work is permitted and which decisions must be respected for this. It also determines a number of issues regarding information sharing and control. "The Royal Decree offers a clear framework for all those involved and we can only be satisfied with that. Another positive aspect is that the Royal Decree is largely in line with the regulation that applies in other sectors.

Just as on the Flemish level, the Federal Government chooses to ensure that the introduction of temporary agency work is in line with the generic framework of the other sectors and this will only make the introduction easier. Government employers will in any case be able to count on the expertise and support of the temporary employment agencies to provide maximum support for their personnel needs, "confirms Herwig Muyldermans.

Source: federgon.be

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