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New year, new job

Every year we all make good intentions with New Year. For some people, looking for a different job belongs to that. Is this also your good intention for 2019? With our tips you make direct work of it.

Tell everyone

Talk to friends and family and say that you are looking for a new job. You might find your dream job faster. In addition, your friends and family may give other tips for a completely new challenge. From technology to bakery, or vice versa? You can do it!


Apply at your current company

In order to change jobs, you do not necessarily have to change employer. Because many organizations are committed to growing and even stimulate this. Do you work in production? Then after years of service you might also be planning to work? Or do you go from an office to a field service?


Start as a self-employed person in a secondary occupation

Many people dream of their own business. But only a few dare to take the plunge. Being independent is attractive, but it creates a lot of uncertainty. So try first in secondary occupation and go for it! If you grow your independent story, you can work part-time and thus combine with your secondary occupation as a self-employed person. You pay less social charges as a self-employed person, but you retain your rights as an employee.


Career guidance

Do you want to give a new twist to your career? Or are you tired of your current job but do not know what to do? Then definitely consider career guidance. Together with your personal coach you learn more about yourself, your interests and your talents. That way you know which direction you can or should go. Thanks to career checks, you will get a large part of the investment back.


Become smarter with additional training

Before you can change jobs, you sometimes have to start training. People who go from production to nursing, or from graphic designer to welder. Further training costs you the necessary time and energy. But afterwards you have more experience and knowledge, and you can go for your dream job.


Come to Absolute Jobs

Do you want to change quickly? On our site you will find daily new jobs in your neighborhood. Make it easy for yourself and subscribe to newsletter for free. This way you get jobs tailored to your needs in your mailbox. Or visit the office, because our consultants also have lots of advice and experience. Our experts are happy to help you with your choice of career. That way you are ready for your new challenge.


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